January 11, 2003

Today was the second slow fair in a row. When Kay is trying to make a living, and I’m starting a business, the slow fairs absolutely do not help. I pretty much expected the slow fair last month as it was only ten days before Christmas. This month, I had however expected things to pick up.

At least this month I had something to do. I managed to do one more massage than I did last month. Unfortunately last month I didn't do any. My student John, came in for reading from Kay and then came to me and said "feel like working?" I asked him what he was looking for and he told me he was having get to end of page of with his back. Now, I had been concerned because it had been awhile since I really done massage on someone from the general public. I was starting to get concerned whether I needed to practice up a bit before going out to the public or if ‘it’ would be there or not.

First thing I did, was put my hands on John back at the neck and the lower back. From there I just felt my way through whatever I needed to do. It was really interesting in that I had no routine, and had no plan. I was just being open. As things came to me, and I felt I was drawn to various areas, I just worked as a fully as I needed to. I get concerned because usually there is some kind of plan. At the same time, the ideal situation is to be open and just let whatever you need to have happen, come to you.

At any rate, John and I were both happy with results of his 30-minute massage. His back was not hurting him and I was very happy and I felt in touch with things again.

I'm hoping next month will be a more productive fair. I know with the current global and national situations, people are not coming out to spend money on healing right now. It is one of things also hurting my business getting off the ground. But, if we put out light and desire, we will draw to ourselves what we need to have. Of course, if you're in the St. Augustine area next month, say on Saturday February 8th, please drop in and say hi.

Take care.