February 25, 2003

I had my real first outcall massage Saturday night (February 22nd), at least one that called for massage instead of Reiki. I did an outcall massage a month ago, but this person initially called about Reiki.

The person I worked on that night had received a letter from me several months ago because I had worked on her during clinicals from school. This has been the only person that responded to all the letters I sent back then.

I went over to her house and worked first on her mother whom I had been told had received massages before, but not as frequently as her daughter. It turns out that she had received massage before only once. I worked on her for a nice slow relaxing hour. We used a room where the windows were open. The temperature was nice, and there was a breeze blowing in, and the sound of the rain falling now and then made it very nice. It made it very pleasant.

Next I worked a nice relaxing hour on my caller. I worked a little deeper than I had her mom. It was still very nice and relaxing. When she was done, she was very relaxed.

I had been concerned about being able to clear enough for this as it was earlier that day that I was told about Kay's death. I went in, opened myself to the energies, and just went through it. Both of them were extremely relaxed, and happy. I was feeling well too. I needed some good positive energy, and I got it, and passed it into my clients. That's how things are supposed to work.