February 5, 2003

I was just told that my teacher, Kay, went into the hospital the other day. Apparently, she was bleeding , so they rushed her to Flaggler Hospital in St. Augustine where she had emergency surgery.

They found some cancer where they had removed a grapefruit lump last year. They stopped the bleeding, and are keeping her in intensive care. She managed to tell her friend to cancel classes for the next two weeks. This also cancels the psychic fair scheduled for this coming weekend.

I have created a 'watcher' to keep an eye on her. A watcher is a piece of astral energy that is sent off to watch a certain person and report on what they are doing. As it was described in the book, you make this piece of energy and tell it to go watch someone. You also tell it to report back to you at a specific time. Obviously, this is done out of a deep meditation.

Seeing as I have trouble doing deep meditation, and never could get my trust completely around getting all the details that someone did over a period of time, I have come up with a way of doing it differently. I create the astral energy while conscious, and tell it to go watch someone. Instead of telling it to report back at a certain time, I tell it to tell me when I need to do something to help. This puts the contact time on an as needed basis instead of a specific time and date. I also don't need to be under meditation to receive messages from it. If I suddenly think about the person that is being watched, then I feel that this is the watcher telling me to do something. That's when I reach out and do what I feel is needed.

At any rate, I sent of requests for help to people I know, and posted a request at ReikiAloha. I'm hoping we get her enough energy and healing to pull back out of what has happened.