February 2, 2003

Well, I have made my class reservations, now I need to worry about a motel.

Massage therapist licenses are renewed every two years. That is every massage therapist in the state of Florida has their license renewed every two years in August, even if they have only had their license a few months. To renew a license, one must have 25 CEUs (Continuing Education Units). As I haven’t gotten into classes yet, I still have all 25 to take.

I had been looking at Myofascial massage as I had seen it in class at school and was fascinated by it. What is neat, is that it is mostly energy. I had looked into classes, and had wanted to take them with Carolyn if we could hook up together. That unfortunately can’t happen this year. I’m hoping we can do it later this year, or next year.

As of now, I have paid for an 18 hour course in Hot Stone Massage. Combined with the required seven hour mandatory classes, that will give me the hours I need to renew in August. I have had hot stone massage, and loved it. If you like heat, it is wonderful. When I get up after one of these massage, I have this ‘floaty’ feeling, like walking a few inches above the ground.

I had though of doing this when I get a place to work from, but the people running the class are looking into equipment that will heat the stones quickly. This way this type of massage could be done on an outcall basis. Most units take up to 45 minutes to heat up. That wastes almost as much time as the massage takes. I’m looking forward to seeing what equipment they come up with, and getting a chance to learn this.

One neat thing is that once I finish the course, I earn the CEUs immediately. The other is that once I come home, and document that I worked on 10 bodies, I will get a paper declaring that I am certified to do this type of work. Definitely neat.

My class dates are April 5th and 6th. The class is in Tampa, so it is a four hour drive away. Unfortunately, that adds travel time, and hotel and meal expenses (along with the $600 class cost). They get written off against the business, but they are still expenses. I still need to have money coming in to compensate for it.

But, the good news is that I will be learning something I have wanted to know. That alone makes it worth while.

I hope those that read here are doing well. To you I offer love and light. Take care.