December 8, 2003

I have to apologize to those that look forward to the posting of these entries.

I went through a period where nothing much was happening. Then things started happening, and I haven't had time to write them down. Once I had some written down, I needed one more that was related before I could do a 'release'. I was concerned that I have not posted more since the beginning of October, but again, time just hasn't worked out for this. It has worked out for other things, but I still have a lot to do.

As of this writing, the current batch of journal entries are finished. Yet I am still working on flyers for the business. I need to do our Christmas poem real soon (go here to see what I'm talking about). I also will be rebuilding the massage web site as it is nice in a technical manner, but doesn't appeal to the emotions as I feel it needs to.

I guess the point is that things are growing and there is a lot of development work to do. As it is still early with my company, I am still developing (or redeveloping) many things. But soon I hope to be done the major development and have more work to do.

At any rate, I will continue to post here when I can, or as things happen, whichever comes first. Thank you for all that do come here. I hope to remain instructional, and maybe a little entertaining as time goes on.

As I enter my fourth year of journaling, I realize how much I have grown over that time. I hope in what I've done here, I've helped others grow as well. May you all find your paths and follow them. And may you have love and light along the way.