December 5, 2003

I have suspected for some time that there is something watching out for me. Aside from the trip out of town, and as silly as the circumstance sounds, I know now for sure.

We got home late tonight, and had some things to unload from the truck. I opened the back hatch, and Shirley and I unloaded the items there, the largest being a chair that we had been given. After we moved the chair inside, we forgot to go back out to close and lock the truck.

There is a street light across the street from the front of our house. When we were unloading it had been on. Well, I went out later to put a check in the mailbox. This is when I noticed the truck open. I also noticed that the street light was out. Now with the light out, our open vehicle in the driveway didn’t really show up that much, actually wasn’t really noticeable. As soon as I closed and locked the hatch, the street light came on. It was that instantaneous.

Ok, so some spirit didn’t want anyone making off with our truck, and I’m really glad they felt that way.