December 3, 2003

Well, it has definitely been an interesting couple of days. I traveled out of town to visit a friend and do some bodywork. Between yesterday and today, I have done three bodies, cleared away three evil entities, and did some massive energy work. Just another normal weekend, NOT!

I knew my friend was having some problems with her parents, and that there were a lot of energies involved, but I wasn't prepared for what I found. When I walked into the house, I could feel some strange pressure. Now, I had been there before, and the energies were very nice, especially the vortex out in the back. But yesterday, it was not nice.

I scanned around and found the strongest energy source. Next, I moved to a couple other places in the house and did the same thing. I was doing a form of triangulation to pinpoint the energy source. I wanted to make sure I wasn't looking at something a couple houses away. What I found was something very strong in the corner of the family room.

We walked outside (my friend, her friend Kari, and I) so I could work and not be bombarded with my own cleaning energies. I was actually not sure what I was going to do. I was hoping my guides were going to supply me with whatever information I needed when (or maybe even before) I needed it. I hit the inside with two massive bombs of white light. Then I put in some calming and love.

We walked back inside to find the entity was still there (as I had expected). So, I stayed inside while the others left. I astral projected into the room so I could see the entity better. It was shielded. I told it to go to the light, and saw the beam appear. It then turned black and ugly. It came toward me, and thankfully my shields stopped it.

I was attached to my guides as much as I could be. I wasn't afraid. If I had thought about what could have happened, I might have been. I guess things just happened so fast that I didn't have time too think about it. I wanted light flooding the room, and then there was. The dark entities disappeared in a poof of smoke (darkness can't exist in light).

I brought my projection back in and took a deep breath. I placed a ball of light at the ceiling in the center of the room.

The ladies came in and scanned the rooms. My friend found one in the bedroom. I went in there and basically did the same thing. I left a ball of light in there too. Once more, they came in and found one in another room.

I started to do the same thing, but this time, the entity did not seem like the others. It was letting me know that it was afraid. I told it that it needed to go to the light. As we 'talked', it came closer. It got to just a few inches away, and suddenly it turned black and evil and came at me. All of a sudden, the room was flooded with light. The entity turned into a puff of smoke. Wow.

You have to understand that when I go into these situation, I usually don't have a clue of what I'm doing. I know what the objective is, and the basics of how to go about it, but I generally have no game plan because each one is different. For the most part, I open myself to my guides and hope that they and whatever deities care about the outcome do whatever is necessary to make it go right (and that I come out with my backside intact).

The ladies verified that the house was indeed clear. I then took a few minutes and rearranged the energies so that everything felt settled and good. Once I was done with the inside, I went outside. I put up a mirrored shield around the house. I set it so that anything coming in would be reflected back to its source at 100 times the power it came in at. I also put an extended field around the outside so that anyone coming into it meaning harm to my friend, would be scared and turn around and leave.

After we were settled and comfortable, a phone call came in, and with it another dark entity. I got the feeling that my friend's family was sending them (although not knowingly). I went through the same routine and got rid of it. I then shielded the phone and electrical lines back at their respective switching boxes. This actually blew my mind, an entity that comes in with a phone call. Wow.

Now, all this happened within the first two hours of my being there. After that, I worked on my first body, Kari. She was in need of some answers, so I channeled in my guides and got some for her. She was appreciative of the answers.

My next task was to scan my friend and see if there was some negative energy in her that might be causing some of the problems that she has been having. To do this, I did a very basic method of scanning (the first one I learned actually). But instead of just looking for energy signals, I tied my intuitivity to it, and let my guides supply images of what needed to be done. I found so many places that I had to start writing down all the things I would need to do to complete her healing.

Following that list, I used a couple tuning forks that were there, along with some bizarre hand positions. Although they were not something I would normally do, as I did each one, my friend told me something about herself that related to each one making the positions I was doing make perfect sense. My final tasks included an energy cleansing and major chakra balancing. The final task was an hour massage (which is what I was originally there for).

Finally, I worked on Brenda, a friend of hers that she wasn't sure would be there. This made my third body, and helped move the trip to something closer to cost effective.

So ended one very long, but pleasant day.

This morning was interesting, not that it was unpleasant. My friend told me that Kari had called some time after she left and talked to her. She said that she spent 15 minutes telling her how wonderful her massage had been. Cool.

Brenda was also commenting on how good hers had been. She also mentioned that she had a small headache. (Now keep in mind that Brenda is just learning that there are things out there like energies, and they can be manipulated and used for all kinds of good things.)

I walked over to her, waved my hands in front of her head, and turned away. I looked over my shoulder and asked how her headache was. Brenda was just sitting there with her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. I turned to my friend and we both started laughing. It's very neat to watch people's reactions to the first time they get energy work that does something spectacular.

This started a discussion on energies and multiple lives. Since Brenda was curious, I took her through a past life regression. She was amazed at what she saw, and very surprised how easily and quickly it came up. Neat.

All in all, it may not have been a very profitable weekend monetarily, but it was a profitable weekend in what was done. I learned a lot, and in the process helped three people. I think that was a very nice trade off.