August 27, 2003

We do shielding to protect ourselves, but from what? Mostly, we shield from negative energies, but why not other things?

I teach a shielding exercise with Reiki 1 because I think Reiki practitioners should learn how to protect themselves from negative energies. After all, if they are working on someone, that person has some type of problem, and that problem gives off negative energies. As a practitioner, I don't want that negativity leaving my subject, and finding a home in me.

This is actually a good thing for all empaths to learn, especially if you like to walk through the shopping malls (as in my favorite example) at Christmas time. The joy of the season is usually replaced by people rushing around trying to get all their shopping done at the last moment. As one gets closer to the holidays, the negativity gets worse.

This is all well and good, but what about other situations? In my shielding exercise, I set (I wouldn't exactly call it an intention, but) a property to the shielding energies. This defines the shields. I set it so good energies can pass in, but bad (negative) energies bounce off and go away. I don't want to block everything, otherwise I'd be missing out on love and happiness.

But what if we took this a step farther? We know that energy is a physical medium (although it doesn't feel like it). What if we used it to protect us from physical objects? I'm not talking about stopping bullets here (although I won't discount it either as all things are possible), nor am I even talking about keeping yourself dry in the rain. What about something a little easier, like UV protection?

I went out to cut the lawn the other week, and after about 10 minutes in the hot, harsh Florida sun, I realized that I'd forgotten to put on sunscreen. Since I burn easily, and the weather here is just perfect for that, I was obviously concerned. Yet, I didn't want to stop once I'd started, so I didn't trek back into the house to get sunscreen, instead, I put up my shields, and set the properties for UV protection.

Yes, you read that right. I put up my shields, and by way of defining them, I desired protection from harmful UV radiation. And believe it or not, it worked. I did not burn, or even get red, even though it was a perfect day for it. Now, I'm not suggesting you go to the beach without sunscreen, but you could add shielding with UV intentions to it.

Want to take it a step farther? How about invisibility? It's just another property that you can define. I'm not saying that you won't be seen, but you might be seen and ignored unless someone really wants you. (I used to do that at work a lot a few years ago.) There is a fictional book that describes a witch walking alone in an ugly part of some city. She set her aura so she would appear either invisible, or harmless and not worth the effort of accosting. Why can't it work for real? Well, it can. It's just like the instructions in a book I read that said if you're going to a job interview or some such, add white light to your aura. Basically, you set your shield properties through your intentions.

Now, important safety tip... don't use invisibility when you drive. You want the other drivers to notice you when you are on the highway. Now, you could modify it so that all people saw you except police officers (especially if you are speeding).

Want to go a little farther? What about bugs and mosquitoes? I can remember camping in North Carolina several years ago. It was the middle of the night, and we needed to use the bathroom. We both ran to the facilities through the new mosquito hatch. I had to wait a minute or two outside for my wife to come out. I put up shields, and changed the frequencies a bit. I concentrated on making the energies around my body unfriendly to mosquitoes and bugs. I was actually visualizing bugs coming into my aura, not liking it, and heading back out.

It was really neat, because it worked. But it did take a lot of concentration. A couple of times, one would ignore the energies and get me. Of course then it would make me lose my concentration, and take a moment to get it back. But for the most part, I only got bit a couple of times, and that was pretty good considering the air was thick with bugs.

Want to go one step farther? How about using you shields to ward off disease? Now, I’m not talking about going into an Ebola ward without proper protection. If you’re at work, and people around you are sick, you might want to think about putting up protective shields so you don’t catch what they have. Just set the properties so that they ward off disease. Why not?

The gifts and abilities we have, we control with our minds. Even if we wave our hands and to cartwheels, the intent and control of what we do, comes from our thoughts. Anything we can think, we can do. It may take time to develop it into something that is quick and easy and solid, but eventually, with practice, what I write about here is eminently possible.

Ok, I think I’ve filled my intended goal, giving you something new to think about. I hope you find it interesting. Take care.