August 19, 2003

Well, the date has been set. Finally. I am holding my first out of town workshop at the end of next month, September 27th to be exact. Thanks to the help and prodding of Dee Mitchell, I will be giving a workshop on energy in Gainesville, Florida.

Dee has been after me for a while to get out her way and teach some of the things I do. I will be teaching from 11am until 4pm, and in that time, I'll cover as much information as I can. But this will be a workshop, meaning everyone there will be doing what I'll be teaching.

Although I will be teaching off the top of my head, I do have a loose outline that I'll be following. I plan on starting very simple with things like seeing and feeling auras and energy fields. From there, I'll move up through sensing problems up through astral projection and reaching. (I've only taught reaching once before, so this will be interesting. Of course it depends on how far we get.) I know I am up against a time frame as far as how much material I can cover, but I want to make it worthwhile for those attending. I need to cover basic things for those that don't have a lot of experience, but I also want to get to the advanced stuff so those that are experienced will see something new to play with.

Also by doing it off the top of my head, I am leaving room for people to ask questions, and if there is a need, I can guide the class down a different path, or show some things that they may want. If there is something I have done and can teach that is of key interest to those attending, then I am open enough to teach it. Anything not covered, can be taught at a second workshop, call it Energy 201.

I'm a little on the nervous side, but I'll get over that once I start talking. I went through the same thing at the Reiki conference in May. The key I have to focus on is not to lose the group by lecturing too much. If I can keep them involved, then it will be a good time indeed.

Well, this is it. My first big move. Let's hope it draws enough people to make it worthwhile.