August 5, 2003

I had a nice surprise this evening. I got a phone call from each of my students that I taught on Sunday.

The first student told me that she had used Reiki on her husband a couple of times since class, and that he had noticed the energies that were going through him. Not only that, he was feeling much better from the energy work.

She also told me that she understood why I was telling them to wait before going on to the next level. She knew she needed to feel comfortable with what she had learned first. This is always my thought, to wait until one is comfortable with one level before moving to the next.

Reiki is not like math where you can learn to add today, and then subtract tomorrow. It is more like riding a bike. You start with a tricycle. When you are bigger or comfortable with that, you go to a two-wheeled bike. When you have gotten down the balance and the management of that, you take off the training wheels.

My second student was telling me about something I had told her to do. Her husband had diabetes. The last time she did Reiki on him, his blood sugar level dropped. She didn’t know what to do differently.

Reiki should take everything into account, but once in a while, something gets missed. I told her to add intent to her Reiki. I know this changes the ‘let it do its own thing’ process that we teach. But sometimes adding a particular intent to what you are doing, can clear up a problem that it is not addressing. I’m not saying that this is something that should always be done, but if Reiki is performed, and something is not right. Try it again adding a little intent to it.

In tonight's phone call, she told me that she added her intent to the Reiki process, and that her husband still felt much better afterward, and his blood sugar was in the proper range. Cool, huh?

Basically, it was a very nice thing to hear at the end of a day.