April 20, 2003

I was online last night, when an AOL/IM window opened with someone looking for a Reiki master. On the latest version of ReikiAloha's forums, it allows site members to put in their website and e-mail addresses, and any instant messenger Ids that they have. Diane from Michigan was posting a question on in one of the forum boards and noticed my name and IM address.

As we chatted, she told me that she is a Reiki 2 practitioner, but does not always feel the energy. Sometimes she wonders if it is working. We talked about a few things that might help when I had the feeling to trace out her energy pathways. I told her I wanted to try something that might help. She said 'please do'. I had her take a deep breath and just relax a moment.

I reached out to her, but felt that I needed to be there, rather than work from here. I AP'd to her location. Once there, I went inside and cleared the pathways. This is something I do for all my Reiki 1 students. (I started doing it at one time, and I'm not sure why. Now I do it for everyone.) next, I popped outside of her and placed the Reiki 1 attunement symbols on the top of her head and the palms of her hands. I took a quick look at her and came back.

I asked if she had felt anything I did. She told me that the top of her head and her hands felt very warm. I told her to go do some Reiki and see if what I did makes any difference.

She had asked me whether or not she should go take a masters course. I suggested that she should wait until she has a better handle on what she is doing now. There is no reason for her to take a masters class, and hold the title of Reiki master if she can’t control her energies. To hold the title is one thing. To hold the title and work at that level is another.

Before we closed off, I asked her a few questions about her appearance. I was right in what I had seen. She seemed very surprised. She said that most people can’t tune in that well to her. Cool. Two very intuitive happenings close together. I guess I’m being told to keep practicing.