April 13, 2003

A strange thing happened at the end of class yesterday. I ended up answering some questions to demonstrate some different things. In effect, I was doing a reading.

We had been talking about energies when someone asked about doing readings. I had told them about different types of readings from tarot to channeling. At one point, I mentioned psychometry, which was met with "what's that?"

Psychometry is a method of reading someone by feeling the vibrations in the in an item that they give you. When Kay did readings, she would ask for an object, like a watch, or piece of jewelry. The owner's energies are on the item, and certain vibrations can be picked up leading the reader to an answer (hopefully the right one). Now, when Kay read people, she did not use psychomnetry. She didn't need those vibrations to get an answer. She read the vibrations for the person. Although Kay did not use the item she asked for, she still asked because it made people think she needed it, which made them feel more comfortable. It would scare some people if they thought a psychic could tap right into their energies and come up with answers.

So, I asked if anyone had a question. Katherine handed me something, and asked. (I don't remember what she asked at this time.) I immediately felt the energies shift in the item, and settle at one end, the end closest to me. I perceived this as a 'no' answer. I'm not saying this because of where it pointed, but because of the feeling I had when it moved. To me it was saying 'no'. Now, one can get other impressions, but all I was looking for was a yes or no answer.

Jean next gave me something and asked if she would have another baby. The energy in the item did not settle. It kept moving in a circle. I asked the question several times, but felt that I wasn't getting an answer. Jean told me not to worry too much if I didn't get one, but by then I was a little determined.

I calmed myself, and pulled in the proper energies to do channeling. I asked for any of my guides that were willing to help. One showed up. I posed the question to him and got an immediate 'no'. When I asked for more information, I got something about her dream (as her telling me about a dream was what started this) was a gift. Yes and no are fairly easy. Explanations are not, even though that is what one does channeling for.

After I had given the object back to Jean, she explained why she asked. (She deliberately did not tell me too much because she didn't want it to affect the information I might receive. I'm glad she did it this way. It is very hard to be open when suggestions have already been made.) In truth, she had been asking that same question in her meditations. The answer she kept getting back was "the jury's still out". This makes sense that I was getting 'no answer'. Now, if my guide was correct, and this is a measurement of the energies at the time, then she has her answer.

I found this real interesting as I haven't done anything like this in a long time. I haven't felt calm enough to do it. When they asked me about it, I could have just told them a definition. But, something made me feel like a demonstration was needed. I'm glad it was. I need to do more things like this to keep these abilities in practice. And I think that is what I was getting told here. Hmmm, Kay, are you prodding me again?